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Airflo Wavehopper Stowaway 55lb Thrust Engine

Airflo Wavehopper Stowaway 55lb Thrust Engine



Electric outboard engines have never been the easiest things to transport. That all ends now with the new Airflo Wavehopper Stowaway engine. Its unique telescopic shaft design allows it to be completely collapsed to under 3ft in length allowing it to fit into your car boot with ease. When attached to the boat a press of a button and the main shaft extends into the water.

The 55lb thrust engine is powered by a 12v leisure battery making it environmental friendly, simply twist the throttle and away you go with no disturbance. It’s tough, too, with permanent magnetic motor, damage-resistant casings and coatings, and a special drive shaft that won’t bend, break or corrode in normal use.

The Wavehopper electric drive is fitted with a special Weedless Wedge propeller that maximises thrust and is designed to resist trailing weeds and other underwater debris.

  • 3 blade power propeller
  • Telescopic extending tiller
  • 12 volt 110 amp lesuire battery required
  • LED battery monitor
  • 5 forward 2 reverse gears

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