All have a Lifetime warranty subject to a returns surcharge per section. (excluding Classic, Classic Plus, and Delta.)

Please return the broken section along with a covering letter detailing your name, address, the model, length and line rating of the rod in question along with the appropriate payment.

Warranty charge per section -

£50 - Enigma EMG3 and Airflo Blitz.

£30 - Super stik, Rocket, Airtec, Airlite and Airlite nantec, Bluetooth XT and Nantec, Elite, Streamtec XT and nantec, Delta Classic, 40 plus twin tip, XT and nano, MTec original, S3 and Mk2, MT, XT, SLS, Lite speed, Classic plus, Delta plus, PS, PT, Enigma TCi, matrix and Trucast.

£15 - Journeyman, Airflo kit.

Please note - If the rod is discontinued with no sections available, a suitable upgrade from a current range will be offered at a discounted price. The cost of a new whole new rod upgrade or replacement may exceed that of a section.

For Republic of Ireland, Islands or Northern Ireland you will need to add £10 extra to cover return shipping to your location. Outside the UK exact postage will be calculated according to location. Email us for a quote.

For more details call 0871 911 7045* or email
BVG-Airflo Group Ltd
Units 5 & 6
Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate


Airflo breathable waders have a 12 months warranty. If you purchased your waders at an Airflo dealer your first port of call will be to contact the dealer directly to arrange a warranty claim.

If you purchased waders directly through the Airflo website in the UK, and a leak caused by a manufacturing issue occurs within the first 2 months of use, please return the waders to us at-

Customer Services
BVG-Airflo Group Ltd
Units 5&6
Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate

Beyond 2 months the wader will need to returned to our repair centre for inspection and full testing. Address to send is -

113 Jesmond Road
Bridge of Don
AB22 8NY

Please ensure the waders are clean and dry, with full contact details, address and nature of the leak enclosed.

If the wader leak is found to be a non warranty issue, caused by pinhole damage or misuse there will be a surcharge of £30. For this fee the waders will be repaired and posted back to you from the repair centre. All repair work is warranted for 12 months.

We will contact you if its non warranty to take payment, once the waders have been tested.

If it is a warranty issue caused by a manufacturing defect, the waders will be repaired and returned to you at no cost.

For more information call 0871 911 7045 or email

Warranty Registration