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Airflo Quick Spey Salmon Lines

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Tactical Quick Spey is a multi tip design which bridges the gap between traditional full Spey lines and the increasingly popular Scandinavian shooting heads.
The 47-50 foot head is ideal for quick loading and easy D-loops whilst the Ridge Supple main belly and running line creates great line speed and tight loops for long casts. The main belly has a very neat welded loop and the tip section is also welded both ends forming a very neat and versatile loop-to-loop connection. Ridge supple running lines are famous for their ease of use and tangle free handling.

A colour contrast (orange to ivory) between the running line and head helps to find the optimum loading point.
The head also has a black mark indicator, which when in your hand offers an even greater indicator for optimum loading point.

A further 3 tips are available in intermediate, sink rate 3 and sink rate 7, all coming with our neat welded loops both ends.

Product Density Colour Taper/Size Core Code
Quick Spey Line Floating Ivory/Orange Spey 8/9 - 10/11 Power Core RS-QS-WF(+SIZE)F-OR/IV