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Airflo Sixth Sense Floating Lines New 2019 Models


New for 2019

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Probably the most popular range of fly lines in the UK today, the Sixth Sense range from Airflo is the ‘go-to’ flyline for the majority of Stillwater fishing.

Made popular with by competition boat anglers, the benefits of the Sixth Sense range include Airflo’s unique Power Core technology, a core material so sensitive that it’s the fly fishers equivalent to a conventional angler’s super line.

Upgraded for the 2019, the Sixth Sense floating lines have a whole new two tone colour scheme, with a colour change from grey to chartreuse at the rear of the head, going into the running line.

By refining manufacturing techniques the new Sixth Sense are super, super smooth; they really do cast like a dream! So much so, we're confident you'll cast 10% further than the older models.

You know it makes sense - Sixth Sense!!

  • New 2019 colours
  • Super smooth casts – 10% further than older models
  • The original low stretch power core