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Airflo Xceed Fly Reel

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XCEED-3/4-Spool - Out of Stock - - £22.49
Out of Stock
XCEED-5/6-Spool - Out of Stock - - £24.99
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XCEED-7/9-Spool - Out of Stock - - £24.99
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Machined from the very lightest bar stock aluminium, our Xceed fly reel possesses a large arbour profile, strong and lightweight enough to compliment your modern graphite fly rod. The back of the reel is ported for maximum weight reduction without loss of integrity or winding power. The Airflo Xceed Fly Reel features a satin black and silver anodised coating that provides a finish that is aesthetically pleasing and highly protective: your Airflo Xceed Fly Reel should give excellent service for years and years. It’s available in five different sizes with everything from a small light river reel, right through to a saltwater resistant 10/12 weight version. All feature a fully-sealed drag system.

  • Large arbour design
  • Featherweight bar stock aluminium body
  • Ported for further weight reduction
  • Anodized for long-life protection
  • Fully sealed drag system
Model Weight Capacity Line Code Spool Code
XCEED-3/4 5.85OZ WF5+50YDS #3-4 F-EXCEED-3/4 F-EXCEED-3/4-S
XCEED-5/6 6.20OZ WF6+100YDS #5-6 F-EXCEED-5/6 F-EXCEED-5/6-S
XCEED-7/9 6.84OZ WF7+100YDS #7-9 F-EXCEED-7/9 F-EXCEED-7/9-S
XCEED-9/11 7.40OZ WF9+150YDS #9-11 F-EXCEED-9/11 F-EXCEED-9/11-S
XCEED-10/12 7.69OZ WF11+200YDS #10-12 F-EXCEED-10/12 F-EXCEED-10/12-S