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Airflo Classic Cassette Fly Fishing Reel

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Additional Accessories

Classic 4/6 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £8.49
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Classic 7/9 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £8.49
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Featuring a lightweight aluminium cage, housing an ultra smooth disc drag and an easy change cassette system. Each reel features a set of four high impact clear polycarbonate spools to help cover the growing range of lines we inevitably end up carrying.

Available in two sizes, a free reel case completes this super package.

Model Weight Capacity Line Code Spool Code
Classic 4/6 6.42oz WF6+100YDS #4-6 F-CLASS-4/6 F-CLASS-4/6-X
Classic 7/9 7.35oz WF8+150YDS #7-9 F-CLASS-7/9 F-CLASS-7/9-X