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Airflo Switch Black Cassette Fly Fishing Reels


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Switch Black 4/6 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £8.99
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Switch Black 7/9 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £8.99
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Introduced in 2014, the Switch Black offers incredible value for money. Built to the same design as the Switch Pro, this die cast reel offer the same stunning features at a truly unbelievable price.

Available in two sizes, each reel comes with 4 additional clear spare spools and a custom fit reel bag.

  • Stunning Looks
  • V Spool Capacity
  • Die cast cassette reel
  • Bomb-proof drag
  • Comes with 5 spools
  • Custom reel bag
  • Spools fit both Switch
  • Cassette and Switch Superlite
Model Weight Capacity Line Code Spool Code
SWITCH BLACK-4/6 6.32oz WF6+100yds #4-6 F-ASWBL-46 F-ASW-SPOOL-46
SWITCH BLACK-7/9 7.32oz WF8+150yds #7-9 F-ASWBL-79 F-ASW-SPOOL-79