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Airflo V-Lite Fly Fishing Reel

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Additional Accessories

V-LITE 3/4 Spool - ( 4 in stock ) - - £39.99
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V-LITE 5/7 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £19.99
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V-LITE 7/9 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £29.99
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V-LITE 10/12 Spool - ( 10+ in stock ) - - £59.99
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The Airflo V-Lite reels are a very attractive modern offering from a progressive fly fishing tackle manufacturer. These reels are made of ported aluminium, so are incredibly lightweight and strong.

They feature a powerful, smooth disc drag for unparalleled fishing stopping torque, and in our opinion are one of the most beautifully finished and machined fly fishing reels in it's class.

The deep V shaped large arbour spool provides extra backing capacity, and the well thought out size range means there is a reel here for any fly angler - from a reservoir rainbow trout fisher to a bonefish flats stalker.


  • Extreme lightweight machine engineered design
  • Unique V-cut spool design
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Low rotation mass eliminates over spinning
  • Fully sealed drag - also suitable for saltwater
  • Quick release spools
Model Capacity Code Code Spool
V-LITE 3/4 WF4 & 50YDS F-VLITE-3/4 F-VLITE-3/4-S
V-LITE 5/7 WF6 & 100YDS F-VLITE-5/7 F-VLITE-5/7-S
V-LITE 7/9 WF8 & 150YDS F-VLITE-7/9 F-VLITE-7/9-S