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Airflo Airtec Switch Fly Fishing Rods

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Is it a long single hander or is it a short two hander? This is the question often asked about Switch rods and the answer is both.

Whether on still or running water, the ability to easily change your casting style from one to two hands or vice versa is an absolute revelation and will often put your fly in places that you never thought possible. Utilising the existing pedigree of the Airtec Nantec rods, our range of 11' 3" Switch rods are lightweight, offer great performance and allow you to try out this great new technique without breaking the bank. Team up with your favourite 40+ Extreme fly line for easy loading and incredible distance.

Length AFTM Handle Weight Code
11'3" Switch #6 D/HAND 5.43oz F-SWNANO-116
11'3" Switch #7 D/HAND 5.85oz F-SWNANO-117
11'3" Switch #8 D/HAND 5.92oz F-SWNANO-118