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Airflo Streamtec Nantec Fly Fishing Rods

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The natural progression for our ever popular Streamtec range was the inclusion of Nano Technology into the blank, making it lighter, stronger and even more responsive than previously thought possible.

Designed specifically for running water, this range of rods has a smooth progressive action that works extremely well at short to mid range and acts as a great cushion for light tippets on big fish.

The 10’ models have been primarily designed to meet the demands of modern European river anglers, although the 10’ 5/6 doubles as an excellent light top of the water rod for traditional loch style drifting or bank fishing for stillwater wild brown trout.

New for summer 2016: 11' #3/4 Nymph special. This super light extra-long rod was designed with the river angler in mind; for short line nymphing techniques with a French leader, Airflo Euro line or Czech style this super sensitive rod is simply unbeatable.

  • Single leg chrome rings
  • Lined stripper rings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cordura Travel tube
  • High grade cork handle
Length AFTM Handle F.Butt Action Weight Section Code
7'6 #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.39oz 4 F-ST-NANO-7634
8' #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.56oz 4 F-ST-NANO-8034
8' #4/5 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.63oz 4 F-ST-NANO-8045
9' #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.85oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9034
9' #4/5 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.92oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9045
9' #5/6 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 3.92oz 4 F-ST-NANO-9056
10' #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 4.15oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1034
10' #4/5 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 4.23oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1045
10' #5/6 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 4.30oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1056
11' #3/4 H/WELLS YES MID/TIP 4.35oz 4 F-ST-NANO-1134

Rod Section Indicator Diagram