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Airflo Super Stik 2 Fly Rods

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Our best selling and highly regarded Super Stik fly rods have been upgraded for 2018.

Using the latest in cutting edge carbon technology, high quality fittings and great cosmetics, the MK11 is more responsive than the original and features a composite/cork handle for superior grip.With a subtle olive finish, SUPER STIK MK11 is available in lengths and actions that cover almost every single-hand situation, from small stream to traditional loch style from a drifting boat.

Developed with some of the UK’s top competition anglers, Super Stik MK11 are also available in 10’ 4 piece competition action that have a slightly stronger action in the butt section to help cope with a wide range of fly line densities.

Each rod comes with a high quality Cordura protective tube.

Length AFTM Handle F.Butt Action Weight Section Code
9' #5/6 H/WELLS NO MID-TIP 3.17oz 3 F-AIRSS2-9056
9' #6/7 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 3.87oz 3 F-AIRSS2-9067
9'6 #6/7 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.01oz 3 F-AIRSS2-9667
9'6 #7/8 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.08oz 3 F-AIRSS2-9678
10' #6/7 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.36oz 3 F-AIRSS2-1067
10' #7/8 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.47oz 3 F-AIRSS2-1078
10'6 #7/8 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.75oz 3 F-AIRSS2-10678
10' #6 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.64oz 4 F-AIRSS2-106-COMP
10' #7 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.72oz 4 F-AIRSS2-107-COMP
10' #8 H/WELLS YES MID-TIP 4.80oz 4 F-AIRSS2-108-COMP