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Airflo Switch Streamer fly lines


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Spey casting expert Tom Larimer is a talented guide, superb casting instructor, and serious about all things "two handed". A prolific designer, Tom was key in the development of several immensely popular Airflo products: the Skagit Compact, Skagit Intermediate, Skagit Switch, and the Rage Compact. Keeping the momentum going, we're pleased to introduce the all-new Airflo Switch Streamer, developed by Tom specifically for use on switch and shorter spey rods- ideal for use with the recent glut of switch rods taking the UK fishing scene by storm. These lines will load the rod quickly and greatly aid casting very heavy tube flies, fast sinking polyleaders and Airflo custom cut tips. A 10’ Fast Sink Airflo PolyLeader is included free of charge in the box.

Range Grains Head Length Code
WF4 300 18 RS-SST-WF4F-MG/FO
WF4.5 330 18.5 RS-SST-WF4.5F-MG/FO
WF5 360 18.5 RS-SST-WF5F-MG/FO
WF5.5 390 20 RS-SST-WF5.5F-MG/FO
WF6 420 20 RS-SST-WF6F-MG/FO