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Airflo Velocity Spey Salmon Fly Lines


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Airflo Velocity Spey Fly Lines is the perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. Velocity features many of the features found on our premium lines at a budget price.

With an easy cast head length, the velocity spey lines can be handled by bother beginner and experienced casters.

Available in Floating, Clear Intermediate & Fast Sinking.

Density Colour Taper/Size Core Code
Spey Floating Peach 8/9-10/11 Braided VL-SP-WF(+SIZE)F-PE
Spey Inter Kelly Green 8/9-10/11 Mono VL-SP-WF(+SIZE)I-KG
Spey Fast Sink Dark Brown 8/9-10/11 Mono VL-SP-WF(+SIZE)S-DB