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Airflo Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon Leader


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Airflo Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon

Developed with one of Japan’s leading fluorocarbon manufactures giving optimal balance of strength vs suppleness. Extruded using a computer controlled manufacturing system for ultimate consistency, this 100% hard fluorocarbon is UV resistant, knots easily and without exception is the least visible of any we have tried. Ideal for saltwater fly fishing escapades and also for heavy duty freshwater applications such as salmon fishing.

Code: F-SFC-(Length+B/S)

Diameter Break Strain Code
0.011 12lb F-SFC-30-12
0.012 14lb F-SFC-30-14
0.013 16lb F-SFC-25-16
0.015 20lb F-SFC-25-20