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Airflo Tactical Co-Polymer Leader Tippet 50 yards

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Our new tactical tippet is our go to material for all day to day Techniques. The strength of this hi- performance co-polymer is incredible for its diameter and its exceptional consistent knotting makes it a reliable choice. With a density is far lower than fluorocarbon making it a perfect choice for surface presentations.

Available in 30 yard spools.

Code: F-TCP-30-(+Size)

Range Diameter Break Strain Code
7X 0.004 2.4lb F-TCP-30-2.4
6X 0.005 3.6lb F-TCP-30-3.6
5X 0.006 4.8lb F-TCP-30-4.8
4X 0.007 6.4lb F-TCP-30-6.4
3X 0.008 8.3lb F-TCP-30-8.3
2X 0.009 10.4lb F-TCP-30-10.4
1X 0.010 12.8lb F-TCP-30-12.8
0X 0.011 15lb F-TCP-30-15